Surgeries and paralysis for Spina Bifida have not slowed Ciarlo down. He's so outgoing, his nickname is "The Mayor." CMN Hospitals continue to support Ciarlo.

Ciarlo says: "I just don’t really get to see that many characters like me so I just thought it would be cool for me to be a T Rex with crutches! I love everything about Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. it makes me feel really good to help other kids!"

Her surgery to correct her scoliosis took place at a CMN Hospital. Her own story inspires her: "to help children and find a cure."

Audrey says: "I know how much my Children’s Hospital means to me and kids like me. Being able to help kids and their hospitals in such a fun way is really awesome!"

Having Muscular Dystrophy, Logan's attitude is: "I just roll with it." CMN Hospitals helps Logan with the care and transportation assistance he needs.

Logan says: "I love that Children's Miracle Network Hospitals helped me be the best me I can be. I really enjoy cooking and I wanted to see my artwork on a candy bar I could eat."